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Stallion Enrollment

Stallion owners pay an annual enrollment fee of $350 USD per foaling year, which will make all foals sired by an enrolled stallion from the resulting breeding season eligible for nomination to the futurity and derby. Stallion Enrollment Form (pdf)

Payment schedule including applicable late fees:
Stallion Enrollment Fee Due Date Amount Penalty Total Due
By May 15 of Foaling year $350 - $350
After May 15, but before Dec 31 of Foaling year $350 $150 $500
Paid during the Yearling year $350 $200 $550
Paid during the Two year old year $350 $250 $600
Paid during the Three year old year $350 $300 $650

Stallion Enrollment Form *

* pdf document - Adobe Reader required - click here for a free download

For more information about our program please visit or F.A.Q. page, or contact us

Stallion Enrollments from 2009 - 2015

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Stallion Sire Dam year Nominator
Colonelsmokingpep Colonels Smoking Gun Peppys High 2015 J Bar E Ranch/ Stacey Jones
Commandalena Smart Chic Olena Givenchu Command 2015 Dana Grafft
Itsa Bingo Greyhound Bingo Hickory Itsa Greyhound 2014 Robert Santagata
Chicoutmyblingbling Smart Chic Olena Princess In Diamonds 2013 Matt Lantz
Friday Night Shiner     2013 Robert Santagata
Lil Ruf Rider Lil Ruf Peppy Hollywood Lolita  2013 Nathalie & Mike McEntire
Malt Whizkey     2013 Suzanne DeChamplain
Colonelsmokingpep     2012 Stacey Jones
Friday Night Shiner     2012 Robert Santagata
Itsa Bingo Greyhound     2012 Robert Santagata
Jacs Electric Spark     2012 Mike McFarlin/Troy Heikes
Magnum Chic Dream     2012 Viola Scott
Peptos I Brow     2012 Stony Ford Ranch
Rowdy Yankee     2012 Sunny Pines Farm
Boggies Flashy Jac     2011 Francois Gauthier
Brennas Red Pine Jac     2011 Thomas Milnes
Colonelsmokinpep     2011 Stacey Jones
Don Quintana     2011 Francois Gauthier
Doubleknotyourreeboks     2011 Heather Johnson
Lil Ruf Rider     2011 McEntire Reining
Lucky Bay Lena     2011 Daniel Blackburn
Mr. Boomerjac     2011 Mr. Boomerjac Partners
QTS Crystal Bear     2011 Stacey Jones
Rowdy Yankee     2011 Francois Gauthier
Smarty Pep Whiskey     2011 Christine Neeld-Leslie
Boggies Flashy Jac     2010  
Boggies Timber Jac     2010  
Brennas Red Pine Jac     2010  
Ceda Lena     2010  
Don Quintana     2010  
Doubleknotyourreeboks     2010  
Lil Ruf Rider     2010  
Lucky Bay Lena     2010  
Mr. Boomerjac     2010  
QTS Crystal Bear     2010  
Rowdy Yankee     2010  
Smarty Pep Whiskey     2010  
A Smart Enterprise     2009  
Boggierima     2009  
Boggies Flashy Jac     2009  
Brennas Kid     2009  
Don Quintana     2009  
Doublenotyourreeboks     2009  
Dun It Royally     2009  
Gun Dealer     2009  
Its Bingo Greyhound     2009  
Lil Ruf Rider     2009  
Mr. Boomerjac     2009  
Mr. Melody Jac     2009  
Peponitas Pine     2009  
QTS Crystal Bear     2009  
Rowdy Yankee     2009  
Smart Like Juice     2009  

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