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2012 Enrolled Foals

Name Sire Dam  Nominator 
ARC Shesa Walla Walla Walla Whiz Hickorys Holly Cee  Ellington H Willis 
Bingo In Hollywood Itsa Bingo Greyhound Shinin in Hollywood  Robert Santagata 
Boggies Blazin Gun Gun Dealer Last Chance T Boggie  Luiz Barros 
Boom Starnic Boom Shernic Starlights Last Dance  Misty Yelton 
Cee Miss Tinseltown Hollywoodtinseltown Cee Miss Hollywood  Kevin and Tracey Showman 
Colonelsmokingbud Colonelsmokingpep Lenas Little Bar  Stacey Jones 
Colonelsmokingflash Colonelsmokingpep Five Star Flash  Stacey Jones 
Colonelsmokingsugar Colonelsmokingpep Dox Sugartail  Stacey Jones 
Colonelsmokingwiteout Colonelsmokingpep Bonnies Prayer  Stacey Jones 
Conniegotblujeanon Roosters Wrangler Shez Grace Under Fire  Heath Moore 
Crimson Code Electric Code Play Rooster Pamela Dickinson
CZ Irish Whizdom Chics Whizdom Ladys Ruf Peppy  Leigh Garber 
Dunfire Crimson Star Bailey Badger Dunit Loun Docs Goldenfire  Petra Pearson 
Electric Annie Jacs Electric Spark Whiz  Mike McFarlin 
Fight On State Lil Ruf Rider Chic With Chex  Donald Burgy 
Friday Night Sailing Friday Night Shiner Sailazan  Robert Santagata 
Friday Night Tradition Friday Night Shiner Tradition of Winning  Robert Santagata 
Great Shining Pine Friday Night Shiner Great Red Calico  Robert Santagata 
Gun For Win Colonels Smoking Gun Whiz A Jess Performance Equine
Gunnagetyagun Gunners Special Nite Custom Fascination Kathleen Monica
Hesa Ruff Shiner JD Shiner Jack Lil Ruf Whiz  Philip F. Lanier 
Hesa Shiny Pistolena JD Shiner Jack Lena Freckled Lily  Philip F. Lanier 
Hollywoodsmoke Hollywoodstinseltown Gun Smokee Robert Santagata
Ima Boom Shine                                     JD Shiner Jack Smart Little Boomer  Philip F. Lanier 
Lenas Night Shiner Friday Night Shiner KR Banjo Lena  Robert Santagata 
Lil Ruf Cashin Big Big Chex To Cash Lil Ruf Barbie  Steve and Stephanie Rouse 
Looking At A Legend Custom Legend Jokers Sunny Jack  Sunset Maple Farm LLC 
Lucky and Blond Lucky Bay Lena Joses Acres  Daniel Blackburn 
Magnums Crown Royal Magnum Chic Dream Solanos Royal Tee Matt Lantz
Meradas Silver Dream Meradas Freckle Dun Its Olena  Kim Frazier 
Mossy Boonshine NQH Mossy Boon Meradas Shiner Dr  Lorie Shaw 
My Melody Step Wimpys Little Step Mark My Melody Matt Lantz
Nicashowtime Mister Nicadual Showtimes Tinseltown CCB Enterprises
No Missin This Boom Mr. Boomerjac Missin My Friend  Margaret Sanders 
Nu Lil Gatlin Gun Colonels Lil Gun Nu Bar Freckles Lorie Shaw
Peashooters Spark Jacs Electric Spark Pea Shooter Matt Lantz
Pending Big Chex To Cash Lil Ruf Barbie  Steve and Stephanie Rouse 
Pending Big Chex To Cash Jazzific  Steve and Stephanie Rouse 
Pending Boggierima Crème Dun La Crème  David Reece 
Pending Boggierima Shezawestcoastkitty  David Reece 
Pending Boggierima  David Reece 
Pending Cromed Out Mercedes Starry Future  Robert LaPorta 
Pending Cromed Out Mercedes Starry Future(2)  Robert LaPorta 
Pending Custom Legend Pearl Pepwhiz  Evelyn Burgy 
Pending Freckles Top Prize Eighty Six Gold  Julia Cowan/Carla Brown 
Pending Gunners Special Nite Starry Future  Robert LaPorta 
Pending Hollywoodtinseltown Cee Miss Stop  Carol Bell 
Pending Hollywoodtinseltown Brennas Cee  Clark-Wolfe Performance Horses 
Pending Lil Ruf Rider Boggies Secret  Mike McEntire Reining 
Pending Lil Ruf Rider Torima Leo Tag  Mike McEntire Reining 
Pending Lil Ruf Rider Jennys Enterprise  Jimmy Whitley 
Pending Mr. Boomerjac Daisy Dunit Whiz  Mike McEntire Reining 
Pending Mr. Boomerjac Bobs Little Jessie  Robert LaPorta 
Pending Mr. Boomerjac A Hollywood Princess  Robert LaPorta 
Pending Mr. Boomerjac Hollydun  Robert LaPorta 
Pending Rowdy Yankee Chex My Footwork  Judy Brooks 
Pending Rowdy Yankee Lady De Whizard  Judy Brooks 
Pending Smart and Shiney Flashy Tackie Jac  Mike McEntire Reining 
Pending Smart Like Juice SCF Locomotion  Wayne Lafortune 
Pending Smart Spook Hi Los Little Player  Chris Hull 
Pending Smart Spook Cee Another Masota  Carol Bell 
Pending Smart Spook Ms. Red Capri  Mike McEntire Reining 
Pending The Sweet Spot Lenas Snow Chex  Susan Gay 
Pending Whizkey N Diamonds Cee Another Masota  Carol Bell 
Pending Whizkey N Diamonds Cee Miss Hollywood  Brian Bell 
Pending Wimpys Little Step Fancy In Red  Infinity Farm, LLC 
Pending Wimpys Little Step Wf Talk About Stars  Joe Wolfe 
Pending Wimpys Little Step Janie Be Nimble  Clark Reining Horses 
Peptos Son of a Gun Peptos I Brow Gunner b Good  Kathy Biesecker/Dawn Cymerman 
Playgirls Magnum Magnum Chic Dream Play Acre Sherry E Wayne
RC Mighty Dun It Wimpys Little Step Toriana Dun it  Bernie Paetzel 
RC Sonitasconclusion Magnum Chic Dream Sonita Wilson  Bernie Paetzel 
Rosie Chics Chair Im Chairman Chics OH Rosa Lorie Shaw
Rowdy Ruby Tuesday Outwest Whiz Brennas Double  Tildon Whitehurst 
Rowdys Flashy Boom Rowdy Yankee Flashy Torima  Francois Gauthier 
Ruf Cut Gem Lil Ruf Rider Docs Jewel Star  Kelly Tyner 
Ruf Cut Hickory Hickory Chic Olena Ruf To Be A Princess  Layla Choate 
Shiners Gotta Whiz Friday Night Shiner Malibu Whiz  Robert Santagata 
Shiners Great Pine Shiners Crème Bar Great Red Sunrise  Kevin J. McCall 
Showtimentinseltown Hollywoodtinseltown Miss Danakanic  Kevin and Tracey Showman 
Smart Spooks Shadow Smart Spook BHS Melody  Terra Verde Acres, LLC 
Smartest Spook Smart Spook Miss Cherry Gin CCB Enterprises
Smokem Mister Lucky Lucky Bay Lena Smokem Miss Solano  Daniel Blackburn 
Smoken Horizon Gunnatrashya Horizons Diamond  Double Run Farms 
Sparks Future Star NHF Peppy Spark WF Talk About Stars Joe Wolfe
Sparkys Shining Doll Friday Night Shiner BB Holly Doll  Robert Santagata 
Spooks Gotta Freckle Spooks Gotta Gun Poco Kings Freckle Lorie Shaw
Spooks Slick Chic Smart Spook BHS Melody  Terra Verde Acres, LLC 
Streetcorner Special Gunners Special Nite Lucky Easy Street  Margaret Bailey 
Tagged Me A Shirley Whiz N Tag Chex Shirleys Folly George and Carol Bell
Tinsel and Spark Hollywoodtinseltown Sugar and Spark  Donald Burgy 
Topp Gunn Colonels Lil Gun Peppys Pretty Pet  Ellington H Willis 
Zhotgun Boggie Colonelsmokingpep Boggies Brown Sugar  Bobby Harrell Farms 

Updated: 09/30/15