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2010 Enrolled Foals
Foals Sire Dam Nominator/Owner
A Genuine Chance Casanova Catalyst Genuine Holly Girl  Kevin McCall 
A Great Red Bingo Itsa Bingo Greyhound Great Red Kalico  Robert Santagata 
Bearentine Jac QTS Crystal Bear Ms Moonshine Melody  Stacey Jones 
Bears Hollywood Jazz QTS Crystal Bear Jazzy Sundee  Stacey Jones 
Bears Prayer QTS Crystal Bear Bonnies Prayer  Stacey Jones 
Brennas Apple Pucker Brennas Red Pine Jac Baby Dolls and Juice  Cynthia Rubens 
Brindolena A Smart Enterprise Chex N Olena  Elizabth Richards 
Bueno Summer Starlet Bueno Starlight Aprils Summer Star  Healther and John Powell 
Cee Charisma Smart Spook Cee Another Masota  George Bell 
Cee Hollywood Bear QTS Crystal Bear Cee Freckles Dunnit  Stacey Jones 
Chex Out My caboose Big Chex To Cash SCF Choo Choo train  Lisa Stonesifer 
Chic Out My Bling Chicoutmyblingbling Miss Brim Star  McGee Farms, LLC 
Chitown Juice Smart Like Juice Some Kind of Dun It  Smart Like juice, Inc. 
Choc Full of Pep Chocolate Chic Olena Lil Peppy Chick  Lisa Stonesifer 
Clark King Pine (pending) Great King Pine Chexys QT  Clark Reining Horses LLC 
CNF Jac O Lenas Gold Coda Lena Liquid Goldpine  Gary and Karen Garrison 
CNF Lenas Be Nimble Coda Lena Nimble Trax  Gary and Karen Garrison 
CNF Lenas Fancy Jac Coda Lena Lenas Fancy Gold  Gary and Karen Garrison 
CNF Lenas Jac Melody Coda Lena Ann Eighty Six  Gary and Karen Garrison 
CNF Lenas My Peppy Coda Lena Sweet Annies Peppy  Gary and Karen Garrison 
CNF Smart Dualinlena Coda Lena Dualin Smart Chic  Gary and Karen Garrison 
Code Play Electric Code Play Rooster  Pamela Dickenson 
Custom Gold Medal Custom Legend Whiz A Jess  Jean-Martin Donais 
Cute Deal Gun Dealer Cutie Patutie Nic  Timothy Stanton 
CW Wimpys Lil Star (pending) Wimpys Little Step Future Star Kid  Clark-Wolfe Performance Horses 
Einsteins Ruf Rider Lil Ruf Rider Einsteins Diamond  Marcia Cole Walker 
Electric Jos Flash Jacs Electric Spark Ritas San Jo  Double Run Farm 
Electric Show Jacs Electric Spark Miss Danakanic  Kevin Showman 
Elexus Spark Jacs Electric Spark Nu Chex Sweetheart  Misty Yelton 
Epic Surprise Jerry Lees Surprise Shine On Retsina  McGee Farms, LLC 
Five Star Yankee Rowdy Yankee Crème Dun La Crème  Julia Cowan 
Flashy Electric Jac Jacs Electric Spark Flashy Tackie Jac  Stan Coats 
FS Miss Kali Whiz Banjo Whiz Dun Its Miss Kali  Margaret M Sanders 
Gran Cielo Rojo Brennas Red Pine Jac Great Star Cielo  Thomas Milnes 
Great Red Jolena Brennas Red Pine Jac AV Montoya Jolena  Marilou Paradis 
GT Tag The Geym Whiz N Tag Chex The Shining Jewel  Garvin Tankersley 
Gun Collector Gun Dealer Jays Sugar Bee Sting  Timothy Stanton 
Gunner Be A Big Star Big Chex To Cash Gundelion  Nadine Galbraith 
Hollywood Chic Flick Hollywood White Chics Metermaid  John Church 
Jacs Electric Flash (pending) Jacs Electric Spark RHM Nus Flash  Clark-Wolfe Performance Horses 
Jacs Getten Right Jacs Electric Spark One Right Chic  Susan Constantini 
Jacs Oziel Hijacker Hollywood Hijacker Jacs Lil Rosarita  Ed Barczczowski 
Knotty After Midnight Double Knot Your Reeboks    Javier Melo 
Lil Smart Dun It Im Dun Smart Lil Dun It  Ellington Willis 
Lil Smart N Juicy Smart Like Juice Lil Ruf Startime  Jill M. Sater 
Lucky Shirley Acres Lucky Bay lena Joses Acres  Daniel Blackburn 
Mossy Boonshine NQH Mossy Boon Meradas Shiner Dr  Lorie Shaw 
Nicorrette Kaliman Nicorrette Chex WF Morning Star  Kevin McCall 
Olena Chic A Tee Chocolate Chic Olena Solanos Royal Tee  Matt Lantz 
One Helluva Guy Helluva Chex Mistys Smart Chic  Diamond Performance Horses 
One Tuff Lil Goldcard Gold Card Whiz One Tuff Muffin  Sherry Wayne 
Oughta Keepem Mr Boomer Jac Miss Daisy Solano  Clark-Wolfe Performance Horses 
pending Lil Ruf Rider Whos That Minniechex  Nathalie McEntire 
pending Lil Ruf Rider Ms Red Capri  Mike McEntire Reining Horses 
pending Boggies Flashy Jac Enterprise Revelee Josiane Gauthier
pending Lil Ruf Rider Hollywood and Jazz  Mike McEntire Reining Horses 
pending Lil Ruf Rider Einsteins Diamond  Marcia Cole Walker 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Heartacre  Dan Pike 
pending Lil Ruf Rider Torima Leo Tag  Mike McEntire Reining Horses 
pending JD Shiner Jac Two Socks Jewel  Christian Roux 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Glendas Smoken Gun  Dan Pike 
pending JD Shiner Jac Snapper Gold Zan  Christian Roux 
pending JD Shiner Jac Silver Command Skipper  Christian Roux 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Money For Jazz  Dan Pike 
pending Whiz N Tag Chex Melodys Bug Juice  Clark-Wolfe Performance Horses 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Ghostbuster Baby  Dan Pike 
pending Smarty Pep Whiskey Boggies Secret  Mike McEntire Reining Horses 
pending Jacs Electric Spark lil Ruf Barbie  Steve and Stephanie Rouse 
pending Boggies Timber Jac The Last Keepsake  Dan Pike 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Conquistador Melody  Dan Pike 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Taris Finest  Dan Pike 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Roosters Tilly  Dan Pike 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Smart Bama Chic  Dan Pike 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Ms Katrina Boza  Dan Pike 
pending Rowdy Yankee Ghostbuster Baby  Francois Gauthier 
pending Rowdy Yankee Lovely Flashy  Francois Gauthier 
pending Einsteins Revolution Coronas Cravat  Wayne La Fortune 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Red River Whiz  Dan Pike 
pending Boggierima Gem Studded Pistol  Francois Gauthier 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Fairhill Quixote  Dan Pike 
pending Rowdy Yankee Dun It Reining Heir  Equine Plus 
pending Rowdy Yankee Whizicle  Equine Plus 
pending Rowdy Yankee La Petite Quincy  Francois Gauthier 
pending Rowdy Yankee Power of Music  Francois Gauthier 
pending Rowdy Yankee Pretty Flashy Chic  Francois Gauthier 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Roosters Mia  Dan Pike 
pending Rowdy Yankee Flashy Tackie Jac  Stan Coats 
pending Rowdy Yankee Don A Rima Francois Gauthier
pending Rowdy Yankee BB Leo Anna Cook Christian Roux
pending Don Quintana Great Mega Pine  Francois Gauthier 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Sissy Gun  Dan Pike 
pending Don Quintana Jacs Smart Attack  Francois Gauthier 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Topsail Image  Dan Pike 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Silver Dandy Chic  Dan Pike 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Billys Lace  Dan Pike 
pending Mr Boomer Jac Miss Sly Command  Margaret M Sanders 
pending Smarty Pep Whiskey Daisy Dunit Whiz  Christine Neeld-Leslie 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Triple Thumbelina  Dan Pike 
pending A Smart Enterprise Last Chance T Boggie  Francois Gauthier 
Pretty Asa Princess Topsail Whiz Princess In Diamonds  McGee Farms, LLC 
Quintana Rosey Don Quintana Pepett  Michelle Plant 
RC Electra Jacs Electric Spark Sonita Wilson  Bernie Paetzel 
RC Electric Jewel Jacs Electric Spark Sonita Wilson  Bernie Paetzel 
RC Tories First Gem Smart Spook Toriana Dun It  Bernie Paetzel 
Rebel Yankee Jac Rowdy Yankee Flashy Fritz Jac  Kathie Remington 
Rider To Da Bank Lil Ruf Rider Strait Chex To Cash  Meagan Casavant 
RoostersClassyCrome Roosters Sugs Cromes Madonna  Frank Granich 
Rowdy In Lace Rowdy Yankee Rollin In Lace  Nancy Dalton 
Ruf N Chexy Nu Chex To Cash Ruf To Be A Princess  Layla Choate 
Scarlets Gettn Rowdy Rowdy Yankee Eighty Six Gold  Julia Cowan 
She Should Be A Ten Mr Boomer Jac Lucky Girl 891  Clark-Wolfe Performance Horses 
Shesaloadedquintana Don Quintana Loaded With Crome  Tildon Whitehurst 
Shiners Revolution Einsteins Revolution Finer Shiner  John Balko 
Shooting Sparks Jacs Electric Spark Pea Shooter  Matt Lantz 
Show Betty Boo Einsteins Revolution Nu Chex Beauty  Kevin Showman 
Smart Like Bear QTS Crystal Bear SLJ This Is My Juice  Stacey Jones 
Smart Like Magic A Smart Enterprise Bobs Little Jessie  Slick Reiner, LLC 
Smart Like Shiner Smart Like Juice Wind Her Up Shiner  Smart Like juice, Inc. 
Smart Peppy Vaquero Major Vaquero Peppy Smarty Socks  Francois Gauthier 
Smokem Miss Lucky Lucky Bay lena Smokem Miss Solano  Daniel Blackburn 
Smoken Hot Lucky Bay lena A Bankers Valentine  Kelly Hopkins 
Sumac Dunnit Rowdy Rowdy Yankee Laceups  Sumac Farms, Ltd. 
The Jooster Smart Like Juice Play Rooster  Pamela Dickenson 
The Playboy Don Don Quintana Show Me The Freckles  Julia Cowan 
This Tags A Sooner Whiz N Tag Chex Smart Little Boomer Lori Lanier
Timber Tyke Boggies Timber Jac MS San Storm  Kevin McCall 
TN Rowdy Rebel Rowdy Yankee Lady Freckles Jac  David Reece 
TN Rowdy Redman Rowdy Yankee Poco Dinkys Lady  David Reece 
TN Whiz N Flash Don Quintana Kiss My Flash  David Reece 
Turbo Boggie Boggies Flashy Jac Turbo Style  Olivia J Plant 
West Coast Chopper West Coast Whiz SWF Belladonna  Mal McGuire 
West Coast Cruel Girl West Coast Whiz Lenas Tommy Girl  Leigh Garber 
Whiskeys Hot Toddy Smarty Pep Whiskey GI Jane Toy  Cynthia Rubens 
Whiz N Be Chex Whiz N Tag Chex Janie B Nimble  Clark Reining Horses LLC 
Wind It Up Shiner Smart Like Juice Wind Her Up Shiner  Smart Like juice, Inc. 
Xtra Chickee Step Wimpys Little Step Here Chickee Chickee  Smart Like juice, Inc.