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2009 Enrolled Foals
Foals Sire Dam Owner
A Smart Red Pine A Smart Enterprise Nimble Red Pine Carrie Ryan
A Smart Sly Chic A Smart Enterprise Miss Sly Command Margaret Sanders
Anne Get Your Gunner Gunner Miss Brim Star McGee Farms
Another Cabo Smart Spook Cee Another Masota George Bell
Another Gee Whiz Another Great Whiz Lenas Freckled Lily  Lori Lanier 
BH Easy Rider Lil Ruf Rider Repeat BH Frank Granich
Blair Crome Loaded I Bee Cee Blair Genes of Crome Willis Richardson
Boot Scoot N Boggie Boggies Flashy Jac A Magic Enterprise Stanley and Kelly Coats
Bran Nu Reeboks Doublenotyourreeboks Smart Bran Chex Amy Peeples
Brennas Pino Rosso Brennas Red Pine Jac GI Jane Toy Cynthia Rubins
Cee Ya In Hollywood Hollywood Vintage Miss Jackie Blair Kevin Smith
Chic Olena Kid Brennas Red Pine Jac Liberty Dix Olena Amber Jewell
CNF Lena Boot Jac 86 Ceda Lena Misty Hollywood Gary and Karen Garrison
CNF Lena Jac Benimble Ceda Lena Nimble Tray Gary and Karen Garrison
CNF Lenas Gold Jac 86 Ceda Lena Liquid Goldpine Gary and Karen Garrison
CNF Nimble Lena Jac 86 Hollywood Hijacker Nimble Rosarita Gary and Karen Garrison
Cruisin On Crome Custom Crome Jokers Solano Jack Margaret Sanders
Cyberchex (pending) Nu Chex To Cash CR Kim Torpey Performance Horses
Dark An Stormy Lil Ruf Rider Cinder Brudder Christine Neeld-Leslie
Dealin Gun Gun Dealer Cutie Patutie Nic Timothy Stanton
Debbies Little Trip Mr. Boomerjac Miss Daisy Solano George Easterday
Double N Down Doublenotyourreeboks Bay N Busy Amy Peeples
Einstein Choc Olena Chocolate Chic Olena Jessys Genius Richard Sylvain
Frisky Business A Smart Enterprise Holly Dun Robert LaPorta
GT Texas Red Skeets Peppy The Shining Jewel Garvin Tankersley
Gunner Be A Maverick Gunner Dun It Preciously Samantha Allen
Helluva Memory Helluva Chex Dry Santos Muscat Torpey Performance Horses
Helluva Troublemaker Helluva Chex Rios of Mercedes Sheryl Williams
Hezawhizzinpistolena Another Great Whiz Squaws Jo Olena  Phillip Lanier 
Im A Sweet Ride Lil Ruf Rider Star Sweettalker Suzette Hahn
Ima Quintana Whiz Don Quintana Ima Ghost Two Willis Richardson
Ima Rowdy Kid Rowdy Yankee Ima Tori Kid Rene Bouthillier
Juices Whiz Kid Smart Like Juice Pearl Pepwhiz Donald Burgy
Kelinds Shiny Spark Gunner Finer Shiner Nathalie McEntire
Late Model Reebok Doublenotyourreeboks Little Model Peppy Bryan Peeples
Lenas Lil Bear QTS Crystal Bear Lenas Little Bar Stacey Jones
Lil Red Rider Lil Ruf Rider MS Soto Solano Nathalie McEntire
Lil Ruf Sunday Lil Ruf Rider Let Er Rip Tata Chip James and Kim Scott
Loaded Gun Complex Colonels Lone Gun Banshee Tucker Jesse Chase
Lucky Lena King Lucky Bay Lena Kings Mendigo Lady Daniel Blackburn
Lucky Street Boo Lucky Bay Lena Street Smart Genie Daniel Blackburn
Luckyhollywoodmonday Lucky Bay Lena Smoken Royal Lady Daniel Blackburn
Master Sugar Snapper Master Snapper Sugar Pal Liz Wolf Hills Farm
Melluva Hess (pending) Helluva Chex Maxi Tina Torpey Performance Horses
Midnight Sparks Night Deposit Chex Sugar and Spark Donald Burgy
Miss Boomers Doc Bar Mr. Boomerjac Lucky Girl 8 George Easterday
Miss Sassy Boomerjac Mr Boomerjack Bobs Little Jessie Slick Reiner, LLC
Miss Whiz Taylor (pending) Whiz N Tag Chex Mifillena Rose Cynthia Ambrosey
Nu River Chex Cols Del Rio Bar HC Belles Banner Chex Julia Cowan
Oties Tradition Easy Otie Whiz Freckles Tradition Double Run Farm
Pao Pao Wimpys Wimpys Little Step Chex By Dunit Lee Mancini
pending Rowdy Yankee Pretty Flashy Chic Francois Gauthier
pending Rowdy Yankee Great Mega Pine Francois Gauthier
pending Rowdy Yankee Custom Ghost Finder Francois Gauthier
pending Rowdy Yankee Last Chance T Boggie Francois Gauthier
pending Rowdy Yankee Sunshine Yellow Kid Dorminy Plantation
pending Rowdy Yankee Dun Its Reining Heir Equine Plus
pending Rowdy Yankee Ghost Buster Baby Francois Gauthier
pending Rowdy Yankee Little Trash Francois Gauthier
pending Rowdy Yankee Lovely Flashy Francois Gauthier
pending Wimpys Little Step One Right Chic Monica Watson
pending Rowdy Yankee QT Wild Doll Francois Gauthier
pending Don Quintana Great Smartorima Robert La Chance
pending Don Quintana Sugar Coated Truffle John Church
pending Night Deposit Chex Peppy Doc Pansy Travis L. Brooks
pending Don Quintana Jacs Smart Attack Francois Gauthier
pending Boggies Flashy Jac Just Plain Chex Francois Gauthier
pending A Smart Enterprise Boggies Barbee  Francois Gauthier 
pending Custom Crome Torima The Smarty Robert La Chance
pending Commanders Nic Ms Red Capri Sondra McCoy
pending Boggies Flashy Jac Torima de Berry Robert La Chance
pending Commanders Nic Lena Smokum Dorminy Plantation
pending Helluva Chex Sugs Counter Play Travis L. Brooks
pending Commanders Nic Dunnit So Pretty Dorminy Plantation
pending Lil Ruf Rider Boggies Secret T Ruffin Johnson
pending Commanders Nic Miss Ruf Jac Dorminy Plantation
pending Lil Ruf Rider Bueno Chex Diamond Monica Watson
pending Commanders Nic A Poco Smart Chic Dorminy Plantation
pending Kings Power Stroke QTS Lady Di Misty Creek Ranch Inc
pending A Grand Prize La Petite Quincy  Francois Gauthier 
pending Boggies Timber Jac Ghost Buster Baby Francois Gauthier
pending Wimpys Little Step Smart Little Cielo Johnny and Trudy Brooks
pending Wimpys Little Step Ms Title Nine Peter Phinny
pending Wimpys Little Step Brookisnic Sis Monica Watson
pending Rowdy Yankee Snow Gun Equine Plus
pending Gunner Hulahoops Dorminy Plantation
pending Gunner Enterprise Revelee Ronald Langlois
pending Boggies Timber Jac Diamond Red Doll Rhonda B. Herrin
pending Walla Walla Whiz RHM Nus Flash Rebecca Frost
pending Lil Ruf Rider Calico Catalyst Nathalie McEntire
pending Smart Spook Hard Rock Hannah Dorminy Plantation
pending Rowdy Yankee Boggies Flashy Lass Francois Gauthier
pending Don Quintana Cowboy Cut Up Robert La Chance
pending Wimpys Little Step Ritas San Jo Monica Watson
Peptos Down and Dirty Peptos I Brow Get Down Misty Pine Jeremy Gates
RC Sonita Shadow Smart Spook Sonita Wilson Bernie Paetzel
RC Spookita Smart Spook Sonita Wilson Bernie Paetzel
Revolution Whiz Einsteins Revolution Whiz A Jess Jean-Martin Donais
Revolutionary Gal Einsteins Revolution Taris Tomorrow Harold Lepler
Rey Jays Revolution Einsteins Revolution Jazzific Steve and Stephanie Rouse
Rio Gallo Gallo Del Cielo Hurds Lil Peppy Gal Steve and Stephanie Rouse
Roosters Red Man Gallo Del Cielo Watch Beavers Reina Sandy Rouse
Rowdy and Smart Rowdy Yankee Sayos Smart Tee Misty Creek Ranch Inc
Rowdyshillbillydelux Rowdy Yankee Hombres Hot tamale Chris Adams
Ruf N Jazzy Lil Ruf Rider Hollywood Jazz Nathalie McEntire
Seeing Sparks Smart Spook Shiners Tari Girl Stephanie Terry
Shes Gonna Be Tuf Wimpys Little Step One Tuf Muffin Plus One Farm
Shes Quick And Easy Easy Otie Whiz Jacks Quick Jessie Matt Lantz
Shez One Twisted Chic Dun It With A Twist Chics Metermaid John Church
Shirley Im Lucky Lucky Bay Lena Cee Tina Turnaround Jesse Chase
Show N Tag Whiz N Tag Chex Miss Danakanic Kevin and Tracey Showman
Show N Whiz Topsail Whiz Nu Chex Beauty Kevin and Tracey Showman
Sissi Lil Dun Lil Ruf Rider Margerita Dun It Manon Deschenes
Skeets Okie Quixote Skeets Peppy Joettes Okie Paul John Balko
Smart Berry Twist Custom Crome My Last Berry Twist Denis Blondeau/Sylvie Cote
Smart Like Crome Smart Like Juice Cromes Madonna Frank Granich
Smart Spook Dunit Smart Spook Mini Dunit Misty Creek Ranch Inc
Sno Smart A Smart Enterprise Chex N Olena Elizabeth Richards
Solanos Bear QTS Crystal Bear Solanos Melody Stacey Jones
Spookin Today Smart Spook Rainin Tojay John Balko
Stylin Revolution Einsteins Revolution UB Stylin With Me
Sugar Baby Bear QTS Crystal Bear Dox Sugartail Stacey Jones
Summers Ruff Rider Lil Ruf Rider Aprils Summer Star Heather Powell
Sweet Rowdy Rowdy Yankee Mi Sugar Dun It Andre DeBellefeuille
Timber Bama Chic Boggies Timber Jac Smart Bama Chic Dan Pike
Timber Bob Acre Doc Boggies Timber Jac Heartacre Dan Pike
Timber Candy Boggies Timber Jac Goldun Poco Candy Dan Pike
Timber Chic Fille Boggies Timber Jac Silver Dandy Chic Dan Pike
Timber Colonel Trip Boggies Timber Jac Triple Thumbelina Dan Pike
Timber Conquistador Boggies Timber Jac Conquistador Melody Dan Pike
Timber Cowman Boggies Timber Jac Turps Dun Cowgirl Dan Pike
Timber Fancy Lady Boggies Timber Jac Pines Fancy Lady Dan Pike
Timber Fancy Whiz Boggies Timber Jac Topsail Image Dan Pike
Timber Frances Boggies Timber Jac Taris Finest Dan Pike
Timber Genuine Star Boggies Timber Jac Starlight and Seven Dan Pike
Timber Great Star Boggies Timber Jac Starlight Honey Dan Pike
Timber Gun Trash Boggies Timber Jac Glendas Smoken Gun Dan Pike
Timber Jazzman Boggies Timber Jac Money For Jazz Dan Pike
Timber Katrina Boza Boggies Timber Jac Ms Katrina Boza Dan Pike
Timber Mia Rooster Boggies Timber Jac Roosters Mia Dan Pike
Timber Miss BH Boggies Timber Jac Fairhill Quixote Dan Pike
Timber Red River Whiz Boggies Timber Jac Red River Whiz Dan Pike
Timber Rein Dance Boggies Timber Jac Rein Dance Lena Dan Pike
Timber Shining Vic Boggies Timber Jac The Last Keepsake Dan Pike
Timber Sissy Gun Boggies Timber Jac Sissy Gun Dan Pike
Time for Top Prize Freckles Top Prize Berry Doc Tari Carla Brown
Time To Juice Up Smart Like Juice Lil Ruf Startime Jill Sater
Tinselena Spark Tinsel Nic Smart Sparkalena John Balko
Walla Walla Whizkey Walla Walla Whiz Nu Chex Sweetheart Misty Yelton
Whiz Ski (pending) Who Whiz It Breeze Major Spree Kelly Jo Hopkins
Whizkey On The Rocks Topsail Whiz Princess In Diamonds McGee Farms
Whizomatic Jac Topsail Whiz Darlene Jac Julie Burkett
Who Whiz McMurty Who Whiz It Gunners Cool Whip Kathy Biesecker
Wimpys Flashy Jac Wimpys Little Step Flashy Tackie Jac Stanley and Kelly Coats
Wimpys Little Shooter Wimpys Little Step Pea Shooter Matt Lantz
Wimpys Ruf Step Away Wimpys Little Step Ruffs Summer Wages MJ Odian
Woody Hayz Hollywoody Joettes An Okie Ro Katner
Wunder Bread (pending) Nu Chex To Cash CF Spice Girl Torpey Performance Horses